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Natalia Tserkovnikova


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Strategic marketing
Strategic marketing
Crisis – management
Research and analysis
Public Relations

Over 300 projects for Ukrainian and international business!



The company has been operating on the market since 2011 and we have always personalized our services! We see our value in the specific practical applicability of our work and in the opportunities for clients to take benefit from the cooperation with us! Qualification of a performer, his practical experience and portfolio are of the key importance on the market of services. This is what allow us to guarantee the data integrity, the effectiveness of the developed strategies and the success of changes.


Marketing strategy – is the instruction for business development! With no marketing strategy, business “tries” and tests hypothesis endlessly – it takes the bulk of resources! Having strategy makes all your actions super-targeted and effective!
The majority of losses and damages are related to ignorance or misleading interpretation of the market situation – the company spends money and effort because of the wrong point of work focus. Full-fledged marketing researches remove risks for business and boost profits.
What can analytics make for business? Income increase!
Business-analyst quantitatively analyzes pricing, sales promotion, interaction with a client, budgets, opportunities and threats from the external environment, financial risks, and etc. Every company has its own system of indicators – business dashboard, which is formed individually, with the account of business environment.
Modern Public Relations can be roughly divided into communication, marketing and crisis management. In addition to the growing role of PR in general, its role in direct commercial activity – sales, is also growing. Filling the information field and creating information dominant have become the key to commercial success.
Pandemics, wars and other global phenomena bring changes that require rapid transformations from business. What does a business need during such periods of time? Accurately assess the needs and opportunities of the market, find necessary resources and adapt to New Normal! Three pillars of modern business: R&D management, investment attraction, project management and outsourcing.
Export opens up great prospects for business: bringing business to new markets, diversifying sales market, increasing sales volumes, replacing Russian goods in foreign markets, replacing the Russian sales market, and other tasks. Professional integrated solutions for manufacturers, distribution companies and other types of businesses help to enter European markets in the shortest time possible with minimal loss of time and resources.

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